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As a guy therapist, I'm good at working with husbands, boyfriends, and teens who think that "therapy is a bunch of bull**** and a waste of time!". If you can convince him to come in for "just one session to try it out", I will help him realize that counseling does not have to be the painful process he's expecting. In fact, by the end of our meeting, he may understand that continued sessions will actually make his life easier!

The goal is to help everyone become 'stronger and wiser'.  To accomplish this, we will review the incident or events that have brought you here. We will look at repetitive patterns and how background or history effects the present. Also, we will identify the ‘triggers’ that raise stress in the relationship; as well as ‘exit strategies’ to reduce tension.

Dr. Kaplan will explore underlying dilemmas that may be keeping you and your partner (or family) stuck in a recurring cycle of disruptive behavior. Once these dilemmas have been identified, it becomes possible to ‘prescribe’ an innovative (but counter-intuitive) intervention ed to quickly melt old habits and create the positive atmosphere needed for healthy change to occur.

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Issues Addressed

  • Communication Skills
  • Building Trust
  • Abuse: Physical, Emotional, Sexual
  • Anger / Conflict Resolution
  • Domestic Violence
  • Infidelity
  • Addictive Behaviors ( Alcohol, Drugs, Internet, XXX, etc.)
  • Acting Out Kids / Teens
  • …to name a few…