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Identifying the Negative Patterns in Your Marriage

Many couples experience difficult and challenging times over the course of their marriage. Qualified marriage counselling can renew your relationship and often allows each individual to emerge both stronger and wiser as a result. Marriage Works NYC in Brooklyn, NY helps couples identify and explore the events and experiences that brought them to therapy in the first place while reviewing repetitive patterns that are often rooted in the past that prevent them from fully living in the present.


Why Do We Get Angry?

Understanding the underlying patterns beneath the anger is the first step. We become angry and frustrated when we think we are being disrespected, when we are afraid, feel attacked, or are under pressure. These feelings can cause certain some of us to react in inappropriate and destructive ways. Investigating the underlying feelings that are at the root of these disruptive responses is the starting point for effectively managing anger and ultimately changing our lives.


Communication Skills

Developing the skills for effective communication is at the core of improving our relationships with ourselves, our partners and family members. Learning new methods for active listening and getting our own point across without criticism or blame may appear to be counter-intuitive for many at first, but is actually the beginning of real change in our relationships.

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