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To be in a loving marriage can be one of the most joyous aspects of living. However, relationships can also challenge us in ways we never thought possible. While romantic films and novels tend to emphasize how exciting and alive relationships can be, they are never able to convey the ongoing struggles and hurdles that successful marriages must go through. Such challenges may include communication problems, misunderstandings, financial issues, and even infidelity; to name a few.

Brooklyn Marriage Counseling

Dr. Kaplan has helped countless couples and families over 25+ years. He says, “Maybe I haven’t seen every problem out there, - but I think I’ve come pretty darn close…” He notes that when people hit a ‘bump’ that they can’t seem to work out themselves, it’s a good idea to have a ‘neutral third party’ help iron things out. As a counselor, he is able to provide a different or new perspective to their situation. He is also able to facilitate meaningful dialogue that allows ‘cooler heads to prevail’ when there is anger and frustration. While it is not possible to prevent marriages from the inevitable bumps along the way, Dr. Kaplan is able to provide a safe atmosphere that allows each person to present his/her side.

What to expect

As a professional marriage counselor in Brooklyn, Dr. Kaplan seeks to help his clients resolve conflict and move forward. He uses a short-term treatment model which means that even after the first session you should feel that progress was made. As the originator of Paradox Psychology, he often uses counter-intuitive interventions to help people recognize their own role in perpetuating difficult circumstances. While Dr. Kaplan has keen insight, he also encourages clients to get in touch with their own intuition regarding what is right for them.

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Marriage can be hard work, but it is certainly worth the effort. Maybe you’re at a point where you have given up on trying to communicate with your partner and think divorce might be the answer. Before you go down that road, you owe it to yourself and your spouse to give it one last try to see if things can be worked out. Until you give yourself the ‘gift’ of discussing your concerns with a counselor you may never realize the underlying strengths you have to resolve marital issues and coming out with a stronger relationship than before. If you are seeking for counseling in Brooklyn, please call for a FREE phone consultation so we can discuss your unique situation and whether Dr. Kaplan’s services are right for you.