Communication Skills in Brooklyn NY

Communication Skills

Developing the skills for effective communication is at the core of improving our relationships with ourselves, our partners and family members. Learning new methods for active listening and getting our own point across without criticism or blame may appear to be counter-intuitive for many at first, but is actually the beginning of real change in our relationships.

Changing the Way We Talk to Each Other

At Marriage Works NYC in Brooklyn, Dr. Eliot Kaplan helps couples and families to understand each other's perspectives and break free from a repetitive and ongoing cycle of conflict. As the founder of The Institute for Paradox Psychology, Dr. Kaplan has shared his approach extensively on the professional lecture circuit and helped countless individuals, couples and families in the Brooklyn, NY area to resolve long standing conflict and problems with anger and impulse control.

Even the Most Resistant Clients Respond to Our Approach

As an alternative to traditional behavioral and psycho-dynamic techniques, Dr. Kaplan has developed a methodology for significantly improving communication skills that produces successful and often unexpected results in even the most resistant clients. Many husbands, boyfriends and teens who may are often initially opposed to the idea of therapy and counseling as a whole have ended their first sessions feeling relieved and with a clearer understanding of solutions that can actually improve their lives.

Immediate Relief for Long Lasting Results

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Marriage and Family Works NYC specializes in Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy and Family Counseling. Using a carefully developed alternative approach that has evolved over decades of experience helping individuals learn effective communication skills; Dr. Eliot Kaplan provides rapid interventions that offer long term change.

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